Butterfly Arrangement

April 4, 2013

Flutter into spring with this beautiful butterfly floral design.  It’s so easy, even I did it!

Begin by clipping the bottoms of the branches to desired and varied lengths.  Spread them out, to show their shape.  Place moss in vase as needed to hide the branch bottoms and also to anchor the branches.  Before gluing butterflies onto branches, pre-design your layout.  Gently scatter butterflies, perching on the branches. The butterflies are placed to add fine detail, texture and adding appearance of motion.  The jasmine or other draping floral can be used to soften the edge of the vase and create a light and airy arrangement.

Materials Needed:

1 tall, clear or solid colored vase (instructions below will be for use of a clear vase)

9 tall wood-stemmed branches (cherry blossoms)

1 bag natural moss

12 butterflies (assorted sizes). Available in craft stores.

Glue gun with glue sticks

Jasmine or other draping flower or vine



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