Mother’s Day Dedication

April 23, 2012

It seems so ironic to me that the launching of my web site, Renee’s Interiors, would start with gathering, tabletop and recipe ideas for Mother’s Day. You see, I am the person I am today because of a very special woman, my mom.

Lets me start with saying that she was a beautiful woman, yes the heads turned when she walked by. She was a true lady inside and out.  She had a quiet inner strength that could move mountains without raising her voice to be heard. (OK. I could have learned a little bit from that!!) She was my backbone, instilled confidence, guiding light, and remains today my inner voice. Whenever I came up with a crazy idea (and I had many) it was never shot down, but rather questioned of how, instilling the courage and sense of adventure. Practical and safe, but “go for it”!

As I stepped into the Circle of Life and became a mother to my son Jared, I then understood the gift of motherhood. It’s a selfless journey, it’s putting your loved ones first and loving un-conditionally.

With that being said, I dedicate the launching of Renee’s Interiors to my mom and to Jared with all my heart.

Now let’s get on with the party!



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