Beautiful Decorative Centerpiece

June 13, 2013

From garden to tabletop, an elegant summer centerpiece of yellow roses, hydrangeas and lemons. Select your favorite flowers, vegetables and fruits – be creative and have fun!


6 lemons (using only center cuts, for uniformity)

1 vase (8” diameter by 7 inches tall)

1 vase (4” diameter by 6 inches tall)

1 dozen yellow roses

Fresh flower food

Hydrangeas for rim beneath roses


1. Slice lemons, approximately ¼ inch thick, trying to keep sizing uniform.
2. Place smaller vase, centered inside larger vase and fill inner vase with water.
3. Cut roses to desired height and remove leaves and thorns.
4. Place lemon slices between the two vases, covering the interior of the large vase and hiding the smaller one.
5. Cut some slices in half for upper edge, to conceal the small leftover area above lemon rings.
6. Place the roses into the water, inside the smaller (inner) vase.
7. For the finishing touch, place the hydrangeas, beneath the roses, for contrast.


Summer Center Pieces


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