Fresh pressed juices, juice cleanses, green juices….they’re the latest craze but why?

June 13, 2013

 I wanted to share this article with you by Heidi Llovet . Heidi is an amazing Physical Trainer , (she keeps me in line!)  Wellness Specialist  and good friend of mine. Great information!


 What are fresh pressed juices? Fresh pressed juices are created by extracting nutrient rich juice from a variety of fresh produce, through the use of a hydraulic press or juicer. This process keeps the vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact that are normally killed off during the pasteurization process. 98% of store bought juices are pasteurized and contain added preservatives in order to maintain a longer shelf life.  Essentially you end up buying sugar water with no added benefits.

 The benefits of drinking fresh pressed juices. Consuming fresh pressed juices gives your body a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be difficult to achieve just by eating raw fruits and vegetables. For example one popular juice company uses 3 pounds of leafy produce in one bottle of juice. Can you imagine sitting down to a meal and consuming 3 pounds of lettuce? Perhaps you’re not a fan of kale or beets. In combination with other flavors and ingredients you may actually like them in a pressed juice. This way you reap the nutritional benefits of certain foods you would otherwise omit from your daily diet. Another benefit is pressed juices do not require any digestion and are immediately assimilated into your bloodstream, giving your cells instant nourishment. In comparison, solid foods may take hours of digestion before your body can utilize their nutritional properties. Additional health benefits from fresh pressed juices are: they can boost the immune system, promote cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, increase antioxidant levels, increase energy and help cleanse the body.


 Blending versus juicing. The key difference is juicing takes all the fiber and pulp out of produce, which are necessary to help stabilize blood sugars and help you feel full longer. Juicing is also costly and time consuming to do on your own, while blending is quick, easy and more affordable. Keep in mind that juices can be a great compliment to your daily diet; however they may not contain enough calories, protein or fat to replace a meal. Smoothies, on the other hand, not only contain fiber from whole produce, but can also be easily supplemented with protein and healthy fat to create a balanced meal. Super foods such as cacao, maca, hemp or flax seeds can be added to smoothies as well. If you lack fiber-rich foods in your diet, adding in a daily smoothie is a good idea. You can also mask foods in a smoothie you would otherwise avoid.  Blend kale or spinach with water, a banana, nut butter and frozen pineapple or green grapes and you won’t even notice the greens in it.

  The bottom line is both fresh pressed juices and blended mixes have amazing nutritional benefits and add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet. While you enjoy the summer weather, try incorporating one or both methods into your daily routine for a refreshing and healthy treat!

 If you would like to get in touch with Heidi just let me know !




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