Tips for Roasting Vegetables and Meats

September 4, 2012

Tips for roasting veggies and meats!

Roasting  is so easy. You really just have to check in to make sure nothing is burning. More time for you to get ready for your party – so let the oven do the cookin’,  good lookin’!

1. They all like it hot.  Roast between 400 and 475 degrees for best results and color.

2.  Be consistent.  When cutting your vegetables, try to keep your cuts even so that everything cooks fairly evenly.

3. Put down the wine.  Roasting is dry heat- no need to baste or bathe; save the sauce for a finish once out of the oven.  Enjoy the wine yourself!

4.  Don’t be a prick.  If you’re roasting meats, leave them be.  Pricking them incessantly will release their succulent juices.

5. Save it.  Don’t toss the bits of gristle and pan juices that have escaped your bird.  Pour them into a saucepan, add stock or roux and set aside to serve with your dinner.

6. Keep a lip on it.   Don’t use a flat cookie sheet to roast anything.  I use my trusty half-sheet pans with a 1″ lip for roasting vegetables and deeper roasting pans or dutch ovens for meats.

7. Wax off.  A gentle reminder that wax paper is coated with paraffin wax and should never be heated.  If you want to line your pans, I suggest parchment paper or foil.

8. Leave them high and dry.  I find it helpful to roast chicken a few inches from the bottom of the pan.  If you don’t have a rack, you can improvise with an inverted bowl.

9.  Finishing touches.  Roasting takes place at high heat so be sure to save your extra virgin olive oil for a finishing touch and toss your veggies in just olive oil or any other vegetable oil.


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