Windsor Oaks 2009 Late Harvest Muscat with Renee’s Favorite Apple & Pear Galette

December 13, 2012

Windsor Oaks 2009 Late Harvest Muscat with Renee’s Favorite  Apple & Pear Galette

Two simple and easy rules to remember in wine and food pairing: pair sweet with sweet and match the flavors in the wine with the flavors of the dish. Both of these ideas are fundamental to this pairing. Our 2009 Late Harvest Muscat was pulled from the vine three weeks later than normal, ensuring that most of the grape clusters contained raisins. This concentrated the sugars and flavors in the grapes. The resulting wine is filled with aromas of sweet honey, dried apricots, stewed apples and pears with hints of orange blossoms. The sweet, though not cloying, finish and balanced acidity in the wine also work well to compliment the lemon juice and baking spices.


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