Jumping for Joy! Journey to Alaska

March 22, 2015

Last August, my husband and I and three other couples went on a sojourn to the picturesque state of Alaska. Our journey began in Sitka, ending in Juneau. We had many exciting adventures, from close run-ins with bears; halibut and Coho salmon fishing in small inlets of Pybus Bay and Tracy Arms.

Humpback Whale Journey to Alaska

Jumping for Joy

Frederick Sound is one of the best places in the world to observe Humpback Whales. At one point, anchored aboard our motor yacht Sojourn in Frederick Sound, we found ourselves in the midst of 15 to 20 Humpback Whales. I am not sure who had more fun – them performing for us or us watching the show! This is one of my favorite photos from that trip.


Calving of South Sawyer Glacier, Mother Nature at Her Best

Calving of South Sawyer Glacier, Mother Nature at Her Best

South Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arms was our next destination. Tracy Arms is a fjord, 23 miles long, which leads to large icebergs. South Sawyer is one of the most active calving glaciers in the area. The photo that I captured is one that I took right after a very significant sized calving took place. I was in a small tender at the base of the glacier, getting as close as possible to get “the perfect shot”.

When the opportunity for travel arises, I grab my Canon EOS Rebel T2I, Lens-Tamron 18-270 and I’m ready to explore!

Photo Gallery w/ more photos coming soon!


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